fresh juice, screaming noise and ass shaking rhythm massages


In 2010, Frank Bierlein, Lukas Fütterer, Andy Goralczyk and David Loscher were invited to play concerts for the Goethe-Institut in Shanghai, China.
They had performed in various constellations with each other before, but for this occasion, they decided to call their new quartet: qwqwi
Since then, they perform face to face around a table, on which all their generators are placed.
In 2012, the group was joined by Pia Matthes, who plays percussion, kitchen instruments and provides the audience with fresh juice.
The sound of qwqwi is dreamy, noisy, polyrythmic & experimental. The members of qwqwi performed in various locations around the world such as: Hamburg, Berlin, Zürich, Prague, Shanghai, New York City, Tallinn, Ireland.