Tavşan kanı

„Tavşan kanı“ is the turkish word for rabbit blood which refers to the color of strong brewed tea

For the project Camecân organized by the Design Biennial Istanbul I was allowed to realize the project rabbit blood within the framework of a one-month residency. My research revolved around the theme of calmness. I have been trying to find places of calmness in Istanbul, a city of 14 million people, with the result that this does not exist in Istanbul as I know it. Not only the people make this city a place of tension, but also its geographical location, as Istanbul is literally built on two continental plates.
You don‘t find peace in Istanbul alone but in a collective. An example of this, is the invitation to a Çay, a collective drink, which is usually offered free of charge and enjoyed in a group. So what can you do in a city of tensions waiting for the next big quake? Drink tea and relax!
Exactly this is the theme of my installation that will be exhibit at Barin Han. Seven tea trays, a symbol of the seven hills of the city, floating in space. The tea is served, but an earthquake makes the glasses tremble.