The Petroscope provides an insight into petrology (from greek πέτρα, pétra, rock). and shows how differently rocks are structured and what a play of colors can result from such dense material. The petroscope projects an enlarged section of the petrological thin section onto the wall. A thin section is a rock preparation 20 to 30 µm thick. It is so thin that the otherwise solid-looking stone becomes transparent. In the otherwise very small preparations for the microscope, a petrologist can draw conclusions about geological developments and elicit some secrets from the earth. There are only a few specialists in this field who have the knowledge to „read stones“.

The specimen can be moved in the light to project different details. Optional polarizing filters can be used to refract the light in the different minerals of the rock.

By using polarizing filters in petrology, the minerals in the rock can be determined precisely, depending on the color in which the light is refracted in the mineral.

By integrating them into the Petroscope, the rocks can now also be projected with the polarization function, which gives an amazing visual effect.


04/2023 Milano Design Week with fakeauthentic at Museo d´Arte e Scienza