Parkettkosmos at the Kunsthaus Zürich, initiated by the collective Schmauser & Wirt is intended to illustrate a new kind of collaboration between art and economy. Eight young artistic positions will approach the parquet medium from different points of view and show their works in the new ballroom of the Kunsthaus Zürich extension. is intended to provide cultural added value for the employees and the extended environment of the Holzpunkt company. Every six months, a new young artistic position will take over and further develop this platform. The aim is an artistic exploration of the individuals and content that make up our Parkettkosmos. As a start, I was allowed to take on this task!

For the exhibition parkettkosmos at Kunsthaus Zürich I made the forest patterns.

Europe’s forests are well protected, efficiently managed and are one of the few forest areas in the world that are growing. On the other hand, large parts of the remaining
primeval forests are being cleared to make way for agriculture. The cultivated land is
needed to produce raw materials for Europe.

Material: Parquet from Holzpunkt made of certified European wood , aluminium

Forest Pattern No. 1 Square

Forest Pattern No. 2 Fishbone

Forest Pattern No.3 Star

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