Kitchen Shelf

The project Kitchen Shelf was a result of a workshop in India/Pune in collaboration with Mepla Studios and University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe.

You can use the top and the bottom of the shelf.
The boxes are made out of different materials. It depends on what you want to store inside.

Baskets for the onions, glass and porcelain for your dry herbs. Different colours of the rings and the porcelain help you to remember what´s inside.

A LED bar is installed inside the shelf.


„The stand out project from Masala Kitchen for us is and was Kitchen Shelf by Pia Matthes, a delightful magnetic shelf approach to kitchen storage that despite its Indian origins is without question something that has global potential.“
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And at least you can see the first imitation from dua which even carries my name.

Foto © Matthias Gieselmann