Body in the Box

Body in the Box is the first event in a series of cultural events by product
designer Pia Matthes (* 1989 Germany) and composer Emilio Guim
(*1981 Ecuador). They use their skills in contemporary music, product design, scenography, object theater and new media. Objects, sounds and performers are playfully combined with one another.

Because of an epidemic, people must stay in their homes. There was a
shutdown and shops remain closed, events are canceled, there is talk of „social distancing“ (we all know the story). But how are people doing behind the walls, in their apartments and rooms? In many countries the only connections to theoutside world that you have left are the computer, the telephone and the post:
Individuals of different age, gender, occupation, origin and discipline receive a package. An inconspicuous box without a sender and always different items. The box requests the people to create art with its contents.

(Experimental film 28 min)