Das Logbuch der Gisela

Das Logbuch der Gisela is an oversized pop-up storybook and a stage setting.
In this surrealistic play, the terrible pirate grandmother Hortensia Emilia enters the expedition ship Gisela. However the pirates do not know, that in the belly of the ship much meaner beings are located. The caravel Gisela is a nightmare!

The whole performance at the exhibition Sommerloch.

A short report about Gisela by the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

But nothing would have been possible without the help of…

… Alena Pfanz und Zoe Engelbart who awake the caravel Gisela to life
…Andreas Goralczyk for his illustrations
David Loscher for the sound
… Captain Steffen Wolf for his voice
… Manuel Kolip for his paintings
…And a quite number of other people

Regie and Regie/ Paperengeneering: Pia

Gisela performed on the
3D-Festival BEYOND
KunstCamp Limburgerhof
Center of Art and Media (ZKM)
Sommerloch of HfG Karlruhe

Foto © Evi Künstle, David Loscher, Pia Matthes