Tag- und Nachtfalter

The „garden tiger moth“ (dt.: Brauner Bär) and the „Apatura ilia“ (dt.:Kleiner Schillerfalter) were made for the art center „b05“ in Montabaur. These are tile pictures in the form of a relief.

Body in the Box

Body in the Box is the first event in a series of cultural events by product
designer Pia Matthes (* 1989 Germany) and composer Emilio Guim
(*1981 Ecuador). They use their skills in contemporary music, product design, scenography, object theater and new media. Objects, sounds and performers are playfully combined with one another.

Because of an epidemic, people must stay in their homes. There was a
shutdown and shops remain closed, events are canceled, there is talk of „social distancing“ (we all know the story). But how are people doing behind the walls, in their apartments and rooms? In many countries the only connections to theoutside world that you have left are the computer, the telephone and the post:
Individuals of different age, gender, occupation, origin and discipline receive a package. An inconspicuous box without a sender and always different items. The box requests the people to create art with its contents.

(Experimental film 28 min)


„Exoteric Souvenirs“ is a collection of drinking glasses that modify behavior during all kinds of events where drinks and small talk are involved: They are made to start conversations and raise awareness of a certain moment.

The series was developed by Exoterika, a collective founded by Tina Becker, Denis Bulut, Lisa Ertel, Desiree Heiss, Ines Kaag, Marlene Oeken, Philipp Scholz, Martha Schwindling and me.


Black Box Music

Performance given during the festival Wege Der Wahrnehmung in Neubad (Luzern) the 5th April 2019

Concept and Music imagined by Simon Steen-Andersen
Black Box Construction and realization: Pia Matthes
Performer: Corentin Marillier
Technic/set-up Audio & Video: Emilio Guim

Black Box Music is an ambitious piece that mixes music, video, light and scenography.
This „Black Box“ is a „miniature theater“ where a camera diving at the end of the box films, the actions of the hands of the percussionist who are projected in real time on a giant screen placed at the back of the stage.
To the gestures or manipulations of objects of the percussionist, respond musical actions performed by 15 musicians divided into 3 groups around the public. The starting point is the classical soloist-conductor, only in this case, the conducting and solo part are one and the same. Black Box Music could be said to be a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theater as well as an exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging.


The Petroscope gives an insight into petrology (from greek πέτρα, pétra, rock). It exhibits the different structures in a stone and the spectacular display of colors that this dense material has to offer. The Petroscope projects an enlarge image of an thin section on the wall. The thin section is a flat piece of stone, of thickness between 20 to 30µm. This results in transparency go the opaque stone. By sliding the magnetically connected optics and light source, different projections of the thin sections can be observed. The optional insertion of polarizing filters causes the light to refract against the different minerals.


Thermonites are ergonomically formed stones found in nature which are pleasing to touch and comfortable to sit on. When charged using electricity, they dispense an enjoyable warmth. Thermonites can be customized to different stones, sizes and powers (Watt).

Botanic Sounds

excerpt from the performance seminar by Jonathan Bepler at HfG Karlsruhe, 2016

„In things out doing out doing in things = In things 2(out doing) + in things“

Director of photography: Tilmann Rödiger
Camera: Tilmann Rödiger, Dominik Thiel
Camera Assistant: Gerrit Kuge
Sound Recordist: Phillippe Mainz, Valle Döring, Lukas Rehm, Sascha Jungbauer
Costumes: Christine von Bernstein
Set Photography: Karolina Sobel
Edit: David Loscher

Performers: Annika Gutsche, Christina Vinke, Jonathan Bepler, Lena Loy, Lukas Rehm, Max Negrelli, Michail Rybakov, Nele Jäger, Petros Tatsiopoulos, Pia Mareike Matthes, Sascha Jungbauer, Suzanna Zolotuhina

Shot on location with permission and generous support by KIT Botanisches Institut

Auktionshaus Gisela


Das Traditionshaus, bekannt durch seine ungewöhnlichen Werke und außergewöhnlichen Preise, versteigert Arbeiten der Hochschule.

The auction house was a performance, which offered students a platform to sell theire artworks during the yearly summer exhibition.

One of the selling artworks where the Bürstentierchen:

Kitchen Shelf

The project Kitchen Shelf was a result of a workshop in India/Pune in collaboration with Mepla Studios and University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe.

You can use the top and the bottom of the shelf.
The boxes are made out of different materials. It depends on what you want to store inside.

Baskets for the onions, glass and porcelain for your dry herbs. Different colours of the rings and the porcelain help you to remember what´s inside.

A LED bar is installed inside the shelf.


„The stand out project from Masala Kitchen for us is and was Kitchen Shelf by Pia Matthes, a delightful magnetic shelf approach to kitchen storage that despite its Indian origins is without question something that has global potential.“
ArtsThread BLOG

And at least you can see the first imitation from dua which even carries my name.

Foto © Matthias Gieselmann

Das Logbuch der Gisela

Das Logbuch der Gisela is an oversized pop-up storybook and a stage setting.
In this surrealistic play, the terrible pirate grandmother Hortensia Emilia enters the expedition ship Gisela. However the pirates do not know, that in the belly of the ship much meaner beings are located. The caravel Gisela is a nightmare!

The whole performance at the exhibition Sommerloch.

A short report about Gisela by the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

But nothing would have been possible without the help of…

… Alena Pfanz und Zoe Engelbart who awake the caravel Gisela to life
…Andreas Goralczyk for his illustrations
David Loscher for the sound
… Captain Steffen Wolf for his voice
… Manuel Kolip for his paintings
…And a quite number of other people

Regie and Regie/ Paperengeneering: Pia

Gisela performed on the
3D-Festival BEYOND
KunstCamp Limburgerhof
Center of Art and Media (ZKM)
Sommerloch of HfG Karlruhe

Foto © Evi Künstle, David Loscher, Pia Matthes