PIA MATTHES (*1989 in Germany) works at the interface between art and design and realizes interdisciplinary objects and installations.
She studied sculpture at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon and design and media art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe. Pia worked as a set designer for tourist attractions in Switzerland and currently teaches different craft techniques in an intergenerational workshop of Albert Koechlin Stiftung.
As a product designer she developed her own small product line, which can be classified as Collectible Design. So small series, which are located between art, craft and design. Her work is exhibited internationally and has been shown in various galleries and events in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Istanbul, Brussels, Athens and Zurich.
As a media artist she realizes art performances and installations in Switzerland, in cooperation with the ensemble SoundTrieb, Strahl & Sommer and as a board member of Forum Neue Musik Luzern. She is particularly interested in collaborating with composers and musicians to create innovative audiovisual experiences.
Themes that preoccupy her are the coexistence between different people, cultures and nature.


Write me on mail(ät)piamatthes.de

Call me on +41 76 784 62 00


06/1989 born in Wiesbaden/ Germany


04/2017 Diplom in Product Design: Eine ästhetische Gesteinsansprache

2014/2015 study at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa

07/2012 Prediploma: Pop-up Theater

10/2009 start of the studies Product Design and Media Art at University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe

04/2009 Abitur (Secondary education) at Hans-Purrmann-Gymnasium Speyer

Work Experience

since 2020 self-employed designer and artist

2021 Storyteller Holzpunkt AG

since 2020 Coach in Tüftelwerk

2017-2020 working at erlebnisplan

Exhibitions and Performance

04/2023 Milano Design Week with fakeauthentic at Museo d´Arte e Scienza

01/2023 Galerie Stallmann Berlin / Do you live here? / Thermonit

12/2022 SoundTrieb / All-Arme (BE, BS, LU, SG, ZH) / Performance

11/2022 Lucerne Festival / Ein sauberes Ende / Performance

08/2022 Vienna Design Week / FOKUS: Ornament / Strickstein

06/2022 Salone del Mobile Milano / FakeAuthentik MISTAKES @ Assab One by AMArchitectrue – High Performance Rocks

05/2022 Collectible Brussels / High Performance Rocks

05/2022 Gallery Weekend Berlin, Kunstwerke Berlin, Thermonit

05/2022 (ver)graben / installation und concept together with latenzensemble

05/2022 BEYOND CRAFTS, Istanbul

02/2022 Camekân by @tasarimbienali

11/2021 Kunsthaus Zürich / Parkettkosmos

11/2021 Winkel Luzern / Living Things mit Ko-operator

10/2021 Baden Bagno Popolare – the touch of things

10/2021 Ghent Belgian Art & Design FairFakeAuthentik Iconic Ironic

10/2021 Luzern Rotsee / Sound Installation 73 mN/m

09/2021 Milano / FakeAuthentik Iconic Ironic @ antoniajannone by AMArchitectrue

06/2021 Sparrenberg Kunstevents

03/2021 Luzern / In the Box (cancelled)

11/2020 Luzern / In the Box (cancelled)

08/2020 Montabaur / Tag-und Nachtfalter

05/2020 Online / Body in the Box

12/2019 Lausanne / Speed Arting

01/2019 Kunstverein Kärnten / Eine ästhetische Gesteinsansprache

08/2017 Kamuna / Eine ästhetische Gesteinsansprache

07/2017 UND#9/ Eine ästhetische Gesteinsansprache

03/2017 villa Noailles / Thermonit

10/2015 Paris fashion week/ Exoterika

04/2015 Salone Internazionale del Mobile Mailand/ Exoterika

01/2015 Art´s Birthday 2015/ piadavid- Tandem

02/ 2014 imm cologne/ Kitchen Shelf

08/2014 brokat recordings/ piadavid- Tandem

07/2014 roundabout14 – unter Glas/ Bürstentierchen

07/2014 roundabout14 – unter Glas/ piadavid

07/2014 Sommerloch/ Auktionshaus Gisela

02/2014 Fussnote/ Installation 24h

01/2014 Art’s Birthday 2014/ qwqwi live(concert on youtube)

10/ 2013 3D-Festival BEYOND/ Das Logbuch der Gisela

08/2013 Ballinamore Free Fringe Festival (Ireland)/ qwqwi live

08/2013 Sunflowerfest (North Ireland)/ qwqwi live

07/2013 KunstCamp Limburgerhof/Das Logbuch der Gisela

07/2013 Sommerloch/ Kitchen Shelf (nominated for the price of the incorporated Society for the Development of Art and Media Technology Award)

06/2013 Always Be Change (Guenes Theater)/ qwqwi live

05/2013 Hoerkunstfestival/ qwqwi live

05/2013 28 steps down music club – Freitagskueche/ qwqwi live

01/2012 ZKM open days of the Center for Art and Media/ Das Logbuch der Gisela

07/2012 Sommerloch/Das Logbuch der Gisela

07/2012 Am-Ende-der-Wald-Festival/ qwqwi live

08/2012 Culture Factory Polymer ( Estonia)/ qwqwi live

08/2012 Vilsandi Trance Festival (Estonia) qwqwi live

08/2012 Kammerelektroniker Abend – EKKM Tallinn (Estonia)/ qwqwi live

08/2012 Tartu Muusikanädal (Estonia)/ qwqwi live

08/2012 Elektroonilise ja eksperimentaalse muusika festival (Estonia)/ qwqwi live

09/2012 29. Baden-Württembergische Literaturtage/ reading of the own poems

09/2012 Vanguarde/ qwqwi live

09/ 2012 Culture Factory Polymer(Estonia)/ group installation vorwärts

12/2012 Oh Tannenbaum!/ Christmas Tune

02/2011 music for theater Der krepierte Himmel (Gellertstrasse 14/ Karlsruhe)

05/2011 Eunique with Right tool

12/2010 Oh Tannenbaum!/ Engelshaar

Workshops and Residencies

04/2022 Crafts from Anatolia, Designs from Europe by Turkey Design Council

02/2022 Camekân by @tasarimbienali

11/2021 Winkel Luzern / Living Things mit Ko-operator

09/2015 workshop IKEA foundation/ Sweden (winner of the contest by IKEA)

09/2014 workshop USM Masterclass in Boisbuchet/ France

02/2014 artist assistant to Claus Richter (preparation of the exhibition Frieze NY)

01/2014 planning and realization of the trade fair presentation imm cologne of student projects under Stefan Diez

07/ 2013 qwqwi in Ireland
realisation of the ichiigai tour (ichiigai is an audio-visual label of University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe)

11/2012 workshop in Pune/ India with the kitchen manufacturer Mepla Studio

03/2011 ceramic workshop in Handan/ China in cooperation with Central Academy of Fine Arts Bejing/ China

12/2010 workshop with Klaus Mølgard about production solutions for industrial designs in Kopenhagen/ Denmark

07/2009 internship Münchner Marionetten Theater (puppet modelling and stage building)